Friday, November 22, 2013

Spring Forward

I came across a writing prompt that sparked this little idea, it was to write a story about someone who didn't change their clocks for Daylight Savings Time. I immediately thought about giving Cal a pocket watch, from there is turned into this super short story. I like writing these little glimpses into Cal and Lucas' "normal" life as a couple.

“Cal, did you forget to reset your watch?” Lucas peered at the antique pocket watch on Cal’s desk. It was small, a lady’s watch of the kind he remembered being worn around a hundred years ago. Silver with delicate filigree, the open face showed the time. It was an hour off.

“No, I never change it for Daylight Savings Time.”

“Why not? I think the whole notion is pointless but wouldn’t it be more useful?”

“My astronomical charts don’t use it, so I keep this watch to help me time spells that are sensitive to solar or lunar position.”

“It’s beautiful, you should wear it sometime.” Lucas picked it up, looking more closely at the engraving. On the back, in script so ornate it almost blended into the rest of the design were the initials “A. B.”

“Thank you. It was my grandmother’s, Grampa gave it to be for my eighteenth birthday.”

“Were you close?”

“No, I never met her. She wasn’t a mage.” Cal’s grandfather Erasmus was over 400 years old, using magic lengthened a mages life and took so many from it.

“Oh. I’m sorry.” Lucas wrapped his arms around her.

“It used to be one of my greatest fears that I’d fall in love with someone and have to watch them grow old and die.”

“You don’t have to now. We’ll probably get sick of each other centuries before either of us dies.”

Cal laughed. “I suppose that’s one reason to be glad you’re a blood sucker.”

“I love you too.”