Monday, January 20, 2014

First Drops

First Drops cover
Finally finished this short story after working on it for far longer than I should have for it's lengths. It's one that pushed me a bit outside my comfort zone because while no sex actually takes place it was written to evoke that type of scene. Vampiric blood drinking has never been a very subtle metaphor for sex and I like taking things literally so this is what resulted.

Content Warning: This story is more PG13 than some of my previous stories, reader discretion is advised.

Lucas held Cal close, her long bare back pressed against him. Relaxed and boneless after the night's activities. He laid a soft kiss on her neck, at the place the carotid artery was closest to the surface. Nothing more than a kiss, it had become a small ritual of his over the last month. One he hoped she hadn't noticed.

"You do that every time, why?"

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Couple Writing Updates

I've been struggling to finish a short story for several weeks now. It's one that is rather out of my comfort zone so it's been slow going. In between working on that however I've been putting together a few books on Wattpad about writing.

First is Ink Blots: Thoughts on Writing from the Tentacle Pen.This is just me talking about writing, my approach, opinions, pet peeves, etc.

Also I have Splashes of Ink: Writing Prompts. I have a whole notebook full of random story ideas and coming up with more is a great way to help me deal with writers block. I can't use them all so here's where I share them for anyone to use. I also plan to share stories people write using them.